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At Willow Outfitters we hunt in the Beaverhead and Gallatin National Forests, and more specifically the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area. We specialize in packaged trips for groups looking to hunt moose, elk, mountain goat, bison and deer. Some of the hunting trips we offer each year require special kinds of permits and licenses.

In order to be a part of Big Game Hunting In Montana you must first possess a Montana big game license. Montana big game hunting licenses are issued for residents and non-residents at different rates, so be sure to specify the kind of license you require. In addition to the Montana big game license that is required, hunters looking to hunt Montana moose, bighorn sheep, antelope, bison, deer, or mountain goat will need a special hunting permit. The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks department awards both the Montana big game hunting licenses and the special permits for hunting special kinds of big game.

After applying for the special Montana Hunting Permits to hunt special kinds of big game, you must wait to see if you will win the special permit awarded through a drawing system. Typically hunters apply for a special permit and pay the special permit hunting fee before the registration deadline and their name is entered into the drawing. After the drawing, if you were not one of the lucky ones to be awarded the special permit to hunt then you will be refunded the money you originally paid for the special permit.

If you are looking to apply for any of the Montana Hunting Permits or special permits to hunt specific kinds of Big Game Hunting In Montana, the quickest way is to go on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks department’s website which offers online registration and a quick way to learn more about all the Montana Hunting regulations. The regulations and permit costs change from time to time so getting up to date information is important. Also, we are happy to answer any of questions regarding special hunting permits and hunting specific kinds of big game. We have expertise on hunting all kinds of big game in Montana and can quickly give you a wealth of information on planning your hunting trip and obtaining all of the proper paperwork and permits.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department
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Phone: 406-444-2535 | Fax: 406-444-4952

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