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Montana Elk

Montana Hunting is a favorite pastime for many people around the country. Those who live in Montana and those who travel to our state from many miles away are always left in awe of the wide open spaces and spectacular views that are characteristic of Big Sky Country. We are home to large numbers of game, both big and small, but the true challenge for many hunters is the elk. These massive creatures are among the most majestic on the planet, and their stunning antlers are the perfect prize for any hunter. Elk Hunting in Montana is all about the thrill of the chase, as these majestic animals are both clever and quick. If you’re interested in Elk Hunting Montana or Elk Hunting Montana Trips with Montana Hunting Outfitters like Willow Outfitters, read on to find out more information about this interesting animal.

Most people associate elk with antlers, and rightfully so. The male elk, or the bull, is well known for its impressive antlers. When fully grown, a bull will be anywhere from 5 to 5 and a half feet tall at the shoulder, and will weigh between 800 and 1100 pounds. The number of points on their stately antlers is reflective of a number of factors, including age, nutrition, and heredity. The bull’s antlers are not a permanent fixture, but actually fall off each March and grow back again and again every year. Cows, or female elk, are much smaller, reaching heights of between 4 and 5 feet at the shoulder and weighing between 550 and 600 pounds. Known as very protective mothers, they give birth to their calves in May and June. Calves are born with spots that fade to solid brown in about six months.

Those interested in Montana Elk Hunting and Montana Elk Hunting Trips will be most interested in the migratory habits of these regal beasts. All elk do not necessarily migrate; those with adequate food and water sources will not leave their habitats to head off into uncharted territories. Depending on where they live, certain elk may migrate to warmer areas during the winter months, and those who go on Montana Elk Hunting Trips are often lucky enough to meet up with the migrating herds. In springtime when the snow beings to melt, elk follow its melting pattern, nibbling on the newly exposed vegetation that appears at higher and higher elevations. Bulls are the first to migrate, followed by cows, who often stop along the way to give birth. By the time the summer rolls around, most have reached the highest points to which they will climb. Montana Elk Hunting season takes place in the fall, which is the same time during which the elk begin their “rut,” or mating season. Many Montana Elk Hunting Trips—especially those involving archery hunting—take place during this time as elk are both plentiful and on the move. They are also easy to attract with cow calls and bugling—sounds hunters use to mimic the call of an elk in search of a mate. By September, a bull’s antlers are fully grown and he is ready to defend himself against rivals. When the cold and snow of winter are most prevalent, cows and bulls split up again, with bulls retreating to higher elevations while cows and their calves head the lower, grassier areas.

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