Lee Metcalf Wilderness
Lee Metcalf Wilderness
The Lee Metcalf Wilderness area is located in the Madison range in the state of Montana covering 254,288 acres of natural wildlife habitats. This wilderness area was created by Congress in 1983 and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. The Wilderness area is made up of 4 separate units comprised of high peaks that rise above 10,000 feet from the foothills.

The Bear Trap Canyon Unit is a stretch of canyon country that runs along the Madison River, was the Bureau of Land Managementís first designated wilderness area and is still controlled by them. The Bear Trap Canyon being on the Madison River makes for the perfect spot for Montana fly fishing and hiking.

The Monument Mountain Unit is in the northwest region of the Yellowstone National Park and is rich in wildlife. Be careful when enjoying your Monument Mountain hikes because this area is home to many bears. If you are looking to hunt black bears in Montana, the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area is the place to be. Monument Mountain is located in the Gallatin National Forest.

The Spanish Peaks Unit in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area covers 78,000 acres of the park. This area is filled with rugged, glaciated terrain rising more than 11,000 feet above the lakes. There are over 110 miles of hiking trails for visitors to enjoy the scenic views and even Montana Hunting. Whether you enjoy Montana Elk Hunting, Deer Hunting in Montana or Montana fly fishing, there is something for every outdoor enthusiast to enjoy in the beautiful Spanish Peaks Unit.

The Taylor-Hillgard Unit is the largest unit in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area covering around 141,000 acres of terrain. This area runs along the crest of the Madison Range with many peaks reaching an elevation higher that 11,000 feet above the Hillgard basin. These elevations allow for snowcapped summits in the Gallatin Mountain Forests.

The 4 separate units are all linked together by trails. If you are looking to enjoy hiking, fly fishing, Montana Deer Hunting, Montana Elk Hunting, Montana moose hunting and many other Montana Hunting adventures then the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area of Montana is the place to be.

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